What this program includes?

Program Outline

Define your target audience

Who are you trying to reach out to? And why should they care? We help you address these questions so that your efforts are focused and result-driven.


Define your Brand

Helping you identify your expertise and uniqueness. Then doing the keyword research to highlight your promise. So that you are found for the right keywords by the right people.


Creating your LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn profile is the pillar of your brand. We will write your Profile Headline, Summary, and other details to ensure maximum visibility.


Periodic review to monitor your growth

We review/follow your profile every two weeks for profile views, search appearances, keywords you are being found for, and people who are searching for you. Making necessary changes to ensure you are reaching your target audience, and they see the right picture about you.


Online training videos

Once you are set for the right impression, every two weeks, we will share online training videos covering topics on content, reaching out, and growth hacks.


One to one coaching and mentoring

You can reach out to the mentor anytime for help. One to one discussions and coaching will ensure you are helped and growing.


Community to share best practices and learn

You will be part of our online community, where members share insights and experiences helping each other grow. Not only will you learn but also build meaningful relationships.


Interview Prep Kit

Land Your Dream Job in Data Science / Machine Learning

The Interview Prep Kit of Decodr is a Comprehensive, Step-by-Step System for Acing the Interviews and Landing Your Dream Job.

Practical Advice from Machine Learning Experts

Get insider tips from people who have sat on both sides of the interview table.

Give yourself the best chance for success with straight-shooting, down-to-earth tips from professional ML Specialists.

Concept Question Bank & Answers

Gear up for the concept questions with Machine Learning questions compiled from top start-ups, tech giants, and Fortune 500 corporations.

These will serve as guideposts for your review, and sample answers are included for ALL questions.

Take-Home Challenges & Solutions

Each of the practice, examples, projects & challenges includes the full dataset, a detailed introduction to its business context, multiple realistic objectives, and a replicable solution script.

The Behavioural Interview

Many candidates overlook the behavioural interview and only focus on technical skills, but cultural fit is often just as important (if not more).

We've got you covered with a complete guide to crushing the behavioural interview and making a lasting impression.
They span across the breadth of the most common analytics applications.

How Does It Work?

Step #1: Start Early

First, we'll take you through an overall of the complete process so that you know exactly what to expect and how to prepare.

Step #2: Practice

Practice and master a comprehensive range of take-home challenges and SQL puzzles that will ensure you're in tip-top shape.

Step #3: Review

Go through a large, hand-picked question bank to review key concepts and discover any gaps in your knowledge.

Step #4: Apply

Apply to competitive, high-paying jobs with the full confidence that YOU will be able to stand out and demonstrate your skills.

Step #5: Succeed

Land your dream job in data science or machine learning and kickstart your career in one of the fastest growing fields.

Bonus: Lifetime Access

First, we'll take yoChanging jobs again in the future and need to brush up on your knowledge? No problem. You'll get lifetime access.u through an overall of the complete process so that you know exactly what to expect and how to prepare.

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